Manipulation Games 6: Flirt

In the”Flirt” Manipulation Game someone uses her attractiveness, gives or promises sex for other advantages

Manipulation Gmes: Flirt

You can accuse me with professional or personal jealousy but I think it was not the case. I had a class mate in the university I didn’t appreciate too highly. She played the role of overly confident psychologist; she worked in a family center. However, more often than not; when she opened her mouth to announce her opinion, a basically something ignorant statement spewed forth.

Don’t take me wrong, I don’t assume that psychological statements or interventions might be interpreted based on the “My way or the highway!” principle. But surely you found yourself in the situation when your colleague who has minimal knowledge and no general sense about your topic present herself in an unambiguous manner. That was her.

Based on her magnified ego, I’ve never thought that she had worries about an exam. However, it appears she most likely did have her concerns. Why would she decide to use her physical attraction to pass a clinical psychology course?

We had a highly knowledgeable but quite spiky professor in that subject so we knew we had to be very well prepared but still be ready for some sarcasm. We gathered nervously before the exam. Then, she entered the room. I could not believe my eyes. She wore a lacy, completely transparent blouse without any undergarment. Really? Is this what you have for this benchmark?

I don’t know how her exam proceeded; anyway she passed.

Probably you are familiar with the phenomenon: someone shows up with her attractiveness or promises openly or implicitly a sexual encounter for some advantage; let it be promotion, pay raise or some material gift. It is usually but not exclusively a female game.

The root of this behavior goes way back in evolution. While most of our primate relatives engage in sexual activity only when the females are in estrus, behavior scientists observed that dwarf chimpanzee females are willing to mate for a “food gift”.

In human society those people who play this game usually have a strong need to be the center of attention. They want feedback from everyone noting that they are attractive. Their emotions are shallow, though they play them out theatrically. They use flirtation to get what they want. Some of them seem to love to destroy families. When they find a new connection, they are still looking for connecting with others.

Some of them grew up as an only child or favorite child and want to bring this position into adulthood. Some others were sexually abused and learned to use the flirtation as a mode of social interaction.

They divide their environment: some of their peers fall for them not seeing the manipulative background while others hate their unfair practices.

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