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Discovering ME! E-book

Sometimes it really hurts, doesn’t it?

When you are told: You’re irrational… deceitful… unreliable… sluggish… dumb… sensitive… dull…

Mostly the fact itself is false.

Sometimes the fact is true, but the judgmental edge that was thrown with is outrageous.

And all of it leaves you in doubts: am I really that bad?

No way!

         Only $ 4

No worries! I’m almost sure not at all! Why? Because we all are different. As you face, fingerprint, DNA, your inner nature is different as well.

As none of us can surely state that red is better than yellow, none of us can state one personal feature is universally better than the other. Not to mention that one particular behavior might have thousands of background reason.

Let’s say I am sure, you are way better than you think you are or how you were told. In itself it will not raise your self esteem. So: How can I prove that?

– With the Discovering ME! E-Book.

This E-book contains 7 Worksheet and a Summary, all of which is focusing on your features:

YOUR Early experiences
YOUR Expectations
YOUR Personality Traits
YOUR Values
YOUR Needs
YOUR Career



Clear vision about your inner characteristics
Elevated awareness
Deepened Self-Knowledge
Stronger Self-Confidence
Higher Self-Esteem


Don’t you deserve that?

Of course you do!

With the help of this assignment series you will see your worth clearly.

Buy now for $ 4!