PsychotherapyI help people who are struggling with their emotions to gain clarity about the problems and find the best solution so they can get their confidence and emotional balance back into their lives.


Confused, Frustrated, and Angry?
Full of Self-doubt?
 Not appreciated, treated badly?


Disputes are going on constantly in your head, so you cannot sleep, cannot work, cannot connect with your friends. You feel trapped.


You think you’re alone who can experience these disturbing feelings, bot that’s not true!


Slowly you tend to believe what your loved ones say that something is wrong with you and you have to be fixed.


How many times I’ve heard this from people, whose family members did not take responsibility for their actions but projected the blame to the target of their bad behavior?


Is this going on with you right now?


It’s not your fault!


We can figure out what are the causes of your struggles and we can work out a solution for that!


You can become independent and autonomous within your relationships!

You can be appreciated!

You can find your old, true, content Self!



Don’t hesitate to call me or send an Email to set up a Free Initial Consultation!


(425) 280-2643



Initial Consultation is free.


I work with First Choice, United Health, Aetna and Group Health Insurance Companies. Other insurances might cover part of the fee as “Out of Network Provider”. Exactly what proportion they cover depends on your individual policy. Please ask your Insurance Company about your policy.


I accept Check, Cash and PayPal. My hourly rate is $90.00 per session, due at the session.